My goal with this blog is to educate the public (you) on what makes up  modern american pop-culture music, and why I think there is something fundamentally wrong with the direction the music industry is going. Sure, take my opinions with a grain of salt because I’m just another frustrated fan of “good” music who wishes people didn’t listen to “bad” music, but hopefully I can at least share my knowledge of studying music theory, history, and composition, and apply it to songs you know. Using this knowledge I hope to expose methods used across the industry to make music that have been established for years and repeated over and over again. This doesn’t mean I’m trying to make you hate what you love listening to, just to understand how it all works so that you actively listen to your music and think about more than just the lyrics and the beat.

I like complexity. I like chaos, dissonance, and above all, I like it when a song really makes you think. So don’t mind me when I try to impose my opinion on you, like I said I’m just another frustrated fan


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