Metal Monday #30

This is the third EP released by Plini, and finally we get some closure. Before the music, I have to appreciate the album art of the 3 EP’s, they all feature a small land mass floating in front of a small sun/moon

The pictures tell a story just by themselves, in a way related to the story that the EP’s try to tell. The floating island on Other Things, is the same style as the ones on the side of The End of Everything, and the Spaceship from Sweet Nothings, as well as the two silhouetted people appear to have crash landed on the new floating island on The End Of Everything.

Plini is a one man prog project. There have been a lot of one man projects arising lately, such as Harvs, Anup Sastry, Maxim David Micic, and one thing these guys have in common is consistency. One man projects inherently cannot perform live (unless you get someone to learn your music and play backup for you, like Intronaut did for Cloudkicker), which lets the artist focus solely on creating a product that is going to be listened to over speakers or headphones. This gives more creative freedom to the individual because they don’t have to worry about writing exciting live music, just well produced solo listening music. A lot of times, the songs that are the most well written and produce the strongest emotional reaction are not good songs in a live set, because the nuances of the music cannot be heard very well.

Plini writes songs as a narrative, instead of repeating a theme or motive, he sticks to a chord progression during the “chorus” parts of the song. Using this chord progression, he plays variations of it, changing the rhythm, changing the style, while having his guitar melody be the consistent line over thee parts. His melodies aren’t catchy, but he is obviously a talented player and skilled songwriter. The way I would describe it, is that  you remember the song, and how it made you feel, instead of a specific melody.

Besides, when it comes to deathcore, melody is overrated

A Night In Texas sure took their sweet time putting out their first full length. The two strongest tracks were released far ahead of the actual album, almost a year ago. It was almost worth the wait, for the crushing pace that the album sustains throughout. Its surprisingly well produced for how busy it all is, the drums a a bit overpowering (as always), but the vocals come through crisp and the guitar effects really make the riffs weigh a ton more. I tried to buy this album in physical form, but it was too heavy to lift off the shelf.

I also want to give props to ANIT for not including a lot of sound clips of people dying/murdering because its getting old really quick core bands. I know its hard to fill more than a half-hour of run-time when the music is going this fast,I know there is some arbitrary quantity of music that you have to have to sell a record at LP price instead of EP price that your record company is enforcing. I think a lot of us would prefer a chilled out instrumental track in the middle to fill time than sound clips that aren’t actual music, but that’s just my two cents.


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