Metal Monday #28

Its hard to find the balance of technicality and melody. My gripe with many death metal bands is that they often sacrifice emotiv melodic riffs in the favor of playing as fast as possible. Lot’s of people enjoy that, me being one of them, but for music to really stand out and be memorable, it needs to portray talented musicianship and the feelings of the artist.

The opening section starts off with sustained, simple melody that is based on two alternating chords. If Angel Vivaldi is known for anything its his long, fast, clean arpeggios that shred throughout his music. There is plenty of that here, but the melodic portions are what impressed me in this song. He can play the long sustained style just as well as the fast shredding parts (2:53 for instance) while maintaining the mood of the music with clever use of octaves. His new album seems to be made up of songs that don’t have English characters in their name, they are symbols and dashes and dots, leaving the meaning of each song entirely up to the listener since it is instrumental. I’m a sucker for that vague philosophical crap.


I’m also a sucker for vocals that peel the skin off of faces and goofy breakdowns.This band hardly even exists with two songs so far released on youtube, hence the name. Maybe I listen to too much music when I start digging for youtube videos with >1000 views.


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