Metal Monday #27

These past few weeks have been great for new releases. It’s a common marketing strategy of releasing an album in first quarter of the year before tour season starts (during the summer) and then play songs off the new album after current fans have had a few months to absorb it. There are a few releases I don’t want to ignore so here are some quickie opinions.

Do you like endless brutality? Dissonant off-key chords? Rhythms that imitate a drawer full of silverware falling down a staircase? Well this is just the thing for you. This is some serious death metal. It doesn’t relax for one second, it transitions from complex combinations of notes and time signatures to smooth melodic, although still dissonant, riffs that never end. Part of me wishes it never did end, but I guess it’s good for my sanity that it does.  Lyrical themes are alien abduction and space exploration metaphors for feelings, but good luck deciphering the story on your first try or even fifth try.

Djent will be djent. A genre that became the most over-saturated in the shortest amount of time has offered little in the way of progress, even though most ‘djent’ artists claim to be progressive metal, whatever that even means. This is a rather unique take on the style, incorporating musical keys chord progressions more often found in traditional middle-eastern music and a decent display of talent. The vocalist has decent range and tone in both harsh and clean vocals (not heard on this track), so at any rate it is easy to enjoy. Its really good for what it is, too bad they feel like they have to be djenty to succeed.

The note/chord selection is typical for a ‘progressive’ metal band, but they do some actual unique things with the vocal melodies and the phrasing of the guitar riffs. Plenty of guitar solos throughout the album for those of you who demand supreme talent to consider an artist valid. They also are very good at beginning songs, lots of the introduction sections are the most memorable parts, but the endings are pretty meh and don’t give quite the amount of resolution I would like (with Breakthrough and Spectre being the outliers).

Two sentences in one album title. The music is just as quirky and unexpected as the title would suggest. They are not afraid to have some fun with the song structure, transitioning from catchy classic heavy metal style into explosions of dissonance and rhythmic chaos. The vocalist has quite the unusual set of lungs, always having an edgy sound yet having a range that covers many octaves as well as brutal harsh vocals when the song calls for it. To put into perspective how absurd and almost deliberately obscure this band is, the first song on the album ends with a drum n’ bass break, and the last song ends with a polka trumpet solo that transitions right into the most epic face-melting guitar solo on the whole record. I’m not kidding you.  I would honestly consider this a contender for metal album of the year, and its only march.

In contrast, breakdownz.

1:30, 2:37

Dirty stuff. I feel like I need a bath after listening to this EP, it’s so full of sludge and breakdowns even the corest core kids will cringe (I did). Definitely takes deathcore to the extreme. Pretty bad as music, but if you consider it as some artsy sonic representation of hate and anger, well it’s still pretty bad. I still can’t deny the entertainment value.


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