Why It Sucks #8

You can’t please everyone.

Issues think otherwise.  They are stuck in a place where they can’t decide if they want to be a metalcore band, a boy band, or a pop/punk band. Surely this means fans of all of these genres will be appeased and we will be the most popular band ever.

Unfortunately this is exactly the case, this band is blowing up right now because of this album. It is approachable to fans of non-heavy music for many reasons.

the song is structured as per the current song writing meta- play the chorus first so people immediately know that this part will be repeated many more times, then play a verse, repeat, play a verse, repeat, change keys for the chorus, repeat, repeat. I’m so mad at myself for listening to this entire song.

Issues also realizes that everybody loves catchy vocal melodies. You can’t sell a record with any substance beyond the singing because the fans won’t understand it, so why bother. If you can’t sing, well there is a solution for that to. There is nothing wrong with auto-tune in the right context, but mixing it with real instruments is not one of them. The melody is absolutely repetitive and catchy, and every teenage scene girl in America will be screaming it at the top of their lungs at their concerts that will sell way too many tickets. The lyrics are clever in that really bad pun sort of way, “Shes like a Honda, these days I drive Mercedes,” “I’m the king of this game but I think she just beat me.” I don’t think anyone with a fully developed brain is impressed by your lame metaphors guys.

At 1:44 the angry part starts. Well, he’s yelling so one would assume he is angry, but the lyrics have exactly the same tone. “She’s a fiend for attention, and I’m a guilty dealer” is the same metaphor style of lyric as the clean singing parts, so…why are you yelling man? Oh right, because this is a HXC (hardcore) band and there needs to be some yelling to ensure the HXC fans are appeased. He’s not any angrier than he is during the rest of the tune, but there has to be some harsh vox because there has to be some harsh vox.

The bridge is usually my favorite part of pop style songs, because it’s the only part where you can’t really predict what is going to happen (since it only happens once). This starts at 2:28. Oh yeah, a key change and a different chord progression, maybe this will develop into…nope, BREAKDOWNZ! Since we are a HXC band and use harsh vox, we need to have some BREAKDOWNZ so people have a part where they can punch each other at live shows. The last thing we want is to disappoint anybody with some dumb pop music, since we are a HXC band, so therefore unnecessary and forced breakdown! DUNNUNUNUNUNUN DNUNUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN  DUNUNUN DUN. IM SOOO MAD AT MYSELF!

Ultimately the problem with this is that it tries to please fans of both pop music and metalcore.  That’s the problem with most all pop/punk music, its ‘heavy’ music aimed to sell as many records as possible, not to express themselves or contribute to the creative world. The thing is, the fans of ‘heavy’ music think it sucks (it does suck) while it gives other ignorant fans the guise that they are hardcore and enjoy heavy music. There are guitar chugs, there are harsh vocals, but that’s not what makes heavy music. ITS OK TO NOT LIKE IT. ITS NOT FOR EVERYONE. But using it as a marketing strategy, THAT is why it sucks.


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