Metal Monday #26

Local Indiana band from Muncie return with a new vocalist and a degree in audio engineering. If I hadn’t seen them open for Erra, I wouldn’t believe they were local at all. The production quality is through the roof, especially on the drums and vocals. It sounds like a very high-budget release when it was one guy in his basement/single apartment. It just goes to show that expensive equipment isn’t everything, and that a lot of metal record labels need to fire their dinosaur mixers/engineers and find some new blood who know all the new tech and tricks to make it sound this crisp.

The lyrics leave something to be desired. It’s not that the song isn’t easy to relate to, it definitely is, but the vocabulary and wording is a little lackluster. IE “give me one good reason why I should not burn down your house.” The phrases and diction make up for it, giving a sense of catchiness at times and enforcing the feelings behind the words. The vocalist has amazing range during his cleans and surprisingly thick harsh vocals.  The layering in the later parts of the song is especially cool, but that is more recording tricks than vocal talent.

At 1:07 there is a repeated guitar pattern that then adds a harmonic layer the second time. This is the catchiness I was talking about, that part definitely stands out and was the first thing I remembered, even after listening to it one time. There are two guitar solos, (2:00, 3:03) both face melting worthy, and a breakdown for good measure (4:15). Something for everyone! Check out the rest of their Nautilus EP, its not too long and it’s all just as good, the closing track being as epic as an EP can strive to be.


I actually really like this album. It’s absolutely still death core and has all the flaws that death core has (predictability, not many different notes, sonically similar songs etc.) but it is also more than just good breakdowns. It has that small amount of substance that makes the difference between bad death core and good death core, impactful lyrics, group cohesiveness (largely due to their experience), and some legitimate good melody (see Dark Days). Like I said though, it is still death core, so don’t take it too seriously.


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