Metal Monday #24

This is very catchy. Even by the last verse on my first listen I was already singing along.

The call/answer style of vocals during the chorus gives the song more replay value than a typical “catchy” song. What that means is once you learn all the words to the first part you still have to learn the word to the underlying vocal part, which adds completion to the lines of lyric and counter-melody.

At first the never-ending arpeggios in the lead guitar part seemed really cool/ difficult, but he doesn’t really expand on the key, just goes up and down with the chord progressions. It sounds really cool though, so it doesn’t matter what I think.

I laughed at the half-assed breakdown at 1:03. I guess the part before it had to lead into something. I don’t know why they included it when they area a group that really has a good sense of melody, the melodic parts are what got my attention. I guess I just demand their best intentions…


The beginning of this song is also awesome and chaotic, in contrast to this simple, two note breakdown.
Maybe they got under his skin after all?


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