Metal Monday #23

The album art of this album is a Cthulu. I definitely didn’t hold my breath. The thing about this is, within the very first second of this song you know whether or not you are going to like it.

This track is one of the slower ones actually. the tremolo riffs that move up and down in succession blew my mind the first time. Tremolo makes it sound like you are playing faster than you actually are, but the note changes are frequent and very difficult. at :52 is the first verse, and the verse has alternating the key by measure. I think my favorite clever little trick they do is the extended measure at the end of the chorus. The end of the chorus is typically where we find some sense of resolution, extending the measure a few beats grows the anticipation even further, and the ending of the phrase makes sense with the diction of the lyrics. They use this again at the end to trick you even further, instead of playing the last note/word they repeat the whole section one more time.

Vocal and lyrical styles are definitely a matter of preference, the vocal style is not one I prefer, but the lyric style is clever to me.  The diction is the clever part, the splitting of the syllables across the phrases, and the way he saves his more meaningful lines of lyrics for when the song is about to transition parts, putting musical and lyrical emphasis together.

I’ll hit on that point again in todays Breakdown Beatdown

not the one at 1:25, although that one is tight too.



This band is like 1/1000th the speed of Kataplexis, slow full body head banging is their style. How slow is too slow though?

I would like to point out that the amount of airtime on this breakdown might set a record, with literally 4 seconds of rest between 3:21 and 3:25. That probably amounts to 4 or so measures of nothing, awkwardly moshing to stationary air.

That and the vocals are going through some intense filtering for extra br00tality.It definitely sounds cool, cannot deny that, but it takes the human factor away which makes it more difficult to relate with (Not for me, because I like dumb deathcore like this for some reason) and could scare small children and old people.


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