Metal Monday #21

If I were to do a post relevant to the holidays, which I would never do, but if I were to do such a thing, this is the song I would feature. There isn’t much to say about it musically, it’s the same song as ‘The 12 Days Of Christmas’ except the gifts are changed to objects that are stereotyped to metal culture.

A tattoo of Ozzie

Two pairs of spandex pants

Three studded belts

Four quarts of jack

Five skull earrings

Six cans of hairspray

Seven leather jackets

Eight Pentagrams

Nine tattered T-shirts

Ten pairs of platforms

Eleven black mascaras

Twelve silver crosses

The patience required to perform this song is amazing.

You probably think since its Christmas time, there will be no brutality. Well that’s where you’re wrong


I like to imagine santa listens to this during his physics defying trip around earth in one night. After all, he is essentially a pagan god in our society worshipped by children until they come of age.

Happy holidays, hail  Satan Santa.


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