Metal Monday #20

It’s amazing how much of a difference the recording style can make to the overall sound. A typical “br00tl” sound has lots of gain and distortion to give a very dissonant/aggressive sound. To me, this is more brutal than any of that cliché standard sound. There is still plenty of gain and pedal effects, but the guitars seem more soft spoken and clean as opposed to in your face and distorted. Some people might find the different instruments seem to blend together more this way and it’s harder to understand, but other prefer this more atmospheric sound to the more articulate sound.

The advantage of this kind of methodology, is it leaves a lot more freedom for harmonics. DUN DUN DUN DUN chugging has to articulate all the notes in a chord simultaneously, while this more open structure to the chords allows the notes that fill them to be played at different times, or certain notes to change pitch in a chord while other stay the same. In a way, I think it does make it metal that is more oriented for the introspective type of listener as opposed to the head banging listener.

The lyrics are written as free-verse poetry, which goes perfectly with the open chord changes that are happening. The lack of repetition will be disappointing to anyone looking to sing along, so I guess it would not be very approachable to the average music listener. The song title is deceiving, I was expecting themes of science and astronomy and the inevitable heat-death of the universe. Instead, entropy seems to be used as a metaphor for convergence of our society and loss of individuality. There are lots of excellent vocabulary words, I admit even I had to look up the meaning of some of them. This clearly is not music that is meant to overwhelm your body with its driving rhythm and catchy melody, its music that was written with intent to make the listener think, people like me who spend too much time listening to it.

The structuring is divided by stanzas in the lyrics, and there are 9 sections including the introduction and conclusion. The transitions into new sections are the highlight of the track for me, there is no defined time signature or recurring rhythm, yet the group still makes it clear when a new idea is being introduced, without the listener being able to expect what is going to happen next.


A perfect example of the style I was referring to in the beginning of the post is this. It is much more articulate and aggressive, more straightforward.
1:52 for the part you are waiting for.
Do you see what I mean by DUN DUN DUN DUN? If you come up with a better way to describe it with text let me know.  This is better than most death core in terms of structure, but still limited to the word of cliché death core in harmonics and style.

I think there is some confusion in my intent of BREAKDOWN BEATDOWN. I do enjoy a good breakdown, but the real intent is to point out the difference between music that is for moshing/body movement, and music that is for listening. There is a different mindset that you need to enjoy this derivative breakdown oriented music, when you compare a band like Ulcerate to a band like Disfiguring The Goddess there is no question which artist is superior intellectually and musically, but DTG is definitely entertaining to listen to in its own regard. In other words, the first link of Metal Monday is to stimulate your mind, while the second link is to stimulate your body, if that makes sense.


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