Metal Monday #19

How do I move my body? What do I do with my arms?

This is the type of music you hear the first time and wonder if there is any rhyme or reason to it. Once you get farther into the song you will hear certain parts repeat themselves, it isn’t just the equivalent of mashing buttons in fighting games. The biggest thing that makes this seem so off-putting at first is the strange intervals and range of the guitar that are being used. There isn’t very many lower chords that could be described as “darker,” because of the diminished dissonance, instead there are many different kinds and in much higher octaves.

So you can look at it as very odd and awful, or very interesting.

Well let’s review what causes me to enjoy music, it needs to have interesting chord progressions, non-linear rhythms and of course, it has to have feeling.

Duct Tape Smile helps explain what the song is about for those of you who are having a hard time understanding what is being said. Fake smiles put on display for all to see, while actually living a depressing and unfulfilling life. The story is divided up in the transitions. Notice at :15 “smile for the camera” which is the first time we hear this theme. Then again the same theme repeats at :54, but this time he says “scream for the camera.” It’s a clever song writing technique that, through the madness of the instrumental sounds, gives it structure and shape.

For this week’s breakdown beatdown even I cringed a little the first time.

This is one guy doing all the instruments. One guy is responsible. There is an episode of south park, where Eric Cartmen sees Ben Affleck’s real parents who have asses where their faces should be. Cartmen finds after seeing this, nothing is funny to him because Ben Affleck’s ass-head parents are the funniest thing he will ever see. @4:58

That’s how this makes me feel. I don’t know if there is any other way to make it more br00tl, I think it may be musically impossible, to go more over-the-top than this. There is definitely an audience for this sort of thing, but I cannot take this seriously. Neither should you, just let the head banging take its course then never listen to it again.


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