Metal Monday #18

Ovid’s Withering – Murder to Dissect

Symphonic backtracks are hard to implement effectively. Sometimes they come off as cheesy, sometimes it causes the music to be too harmonically overwhelming. Combining this with metal, which can have fast tempos and rapidly changing chord progressions, it can sound too busy.

Not this band.

The backtrack is used almost throughout, to fill the harmonic gaps, and the characteristic sounds they want, but the content of the backtrack is very minimal. There are moments where it is the focal point of the music, but these moments are in transition when the actual instruments aren’t doing anything important. Keeping it simple in that regard is what makes it well done, leaving the complexity to the actual performing members of the band.

There are a lot of styles that they play, even on this song. It opens with straight symphonic backtrack, then transitions into a ‘mathy’ chug section with alternating meter, then switches into a more typical death metal sound. The chorus heard first at 2:21 is very straight-forward for metal, repeating the title of the song a bunch of times. It makes it ‘singable’ in a way, which is something death metal lacks a lot of the time. The section at 3:00 is nearly djent (I reiterate my dislike for this term),but I forgive them. The diversity in styles may seem a bit off-putting and un-natural, it sort of is at some times, but other times the transitions do a good job of making you not notice they changed anything at all, it’s just part of the song.

The album is a good 70+ minutes long, it gets a little exhausting to listen to all at once, but I found it a worthwhile listen since the songs connect seamlessly and there are over-arching themes.

And what better way to wind down after a 70 minute symphonic death metal marathon than with a solid breakdown.

Apparitions – Malice

@ 3:16 for the finale. Ah, now that my brain has become a pile of mush, I feel much less inclined to think about anything for the rest of today. Naw, this band isn’t that bad, if you are comparing them to bands of similar style, but the style is what it is, love it or hate it.

My next post will be my favorite 10 albums released in 2013, metal or not. If you like reading random people’s opinions on the internet, it will be a great read for you.


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