Why It Sucks #7

This is the first why it sucks featuring an artist that I don’t think is completely fraudulent. Well, it’s not that she isn’t fraudulent, but I would say significantly less fraudulent. Lady Gaga is a weirdo, I think we can all agree on that. Her outfits, her quirky beats, her outrageous (but amazing) music videos, she is not someone that is easy to ignore in our society right now. All of these things culminate into her image, the persona that embodies her music. I will say, she can be a bit over the top at times, but the way her music is all consistent with her image is cool as a concept – if only the music that resulted from this didn’t sometimes suck.

What makes this suck any more than the rest of the Gaga hits? Stylistically nothing is different, but I have some disagreements with what the song is about. Pop music is effective because it deals with easy to relate with subjects, partying, drinking, break-ups, this song is about something that almost everyone can NOT relate to. Basically, Lady Gaga is mocking the opinions the media has of her, which is cool, but then she is saying she embraces the media and being famous and loves it when everyone cheers for her. It’s almost relatable on the level of not caring what people think of you, but that’s not really her point, her point is it’s worth it because she gets to be famous. Herself is the subject of the song, and that’s what its about. Sorry that I am unable to relate with being Lady Gaga.

This songs verses are much stronger than the chorus. Good phrases, resolution at the right times, vertical note movement, quirky vocal style, typical Gaga. The chorus is what people care about, it’s the part people will remember, and I don’t remember any of it. Not only is it for some reason difficult to understand what she is saying, the sudden change of range of her voice makes it difficult to sing along. A lot rides on the chorus, you have to sing it at least 4 times, better make it catchy and easy to sing or people will get confused.

Those things, and the same 6 chord pattern being repeated the whole time over and over again, are why Applause by Lady Gaga sucks.


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