Metal Monday #15

After just 15 seconds you have heard more notes than all of the notes combined in last weeks edition of Why It Sucks.

Its been 4 years since No Tolerance For Imperfection. The grooves have always been good, and the speed coupled with precision makes for great death metal.

To me, the musical phrases make sense in this song. Even the sections where it is mostly one note strummed quickly, the transitions make up for it with forward movement. Especially the first half of the song has satisfying half cadences, only landing on the perfect authentic cadence when the groove is about to change significantly. Even the vocal lines flow and fit within the length of the phrase. Basically they all play well together and don’t hold back, so it’s a recipe for success. My only complaint isn’t a complaint at all, there is so much going on at every turn it is hard to keep up on the first listen. I would recommend taking in one role at a time, so you can really notice how much weight each individual member is pulling.

There are some song writing techniques that are so OBVIOUS, that are so simple, that I wonder why they are never used. For example, the title of this song is On The Verge Of Collapse. Now lets remember sonata form, exposition, development, repetition.

This song is exactly sonata form with the exposition building to the lyric “I am on the verge of collapse.” Then the song ends exactly the same way. The lyrics make their point, their punchline, exactly as the song reaches its two peaks. Even though the amount of notes and the speed might seem overwhelming, even on the first listen, these moments stand out. This group doesn’t use cheesy breakdowns and dissonant chords, they use the shape of their phrases to add tension an release. It’s that extra dimension that makes it interesting.

Thies weeks Breakdown Beatdown is at 1:06 and 3:04

In the next month I will begin to work on compiling my top 10 albums of the year. It was a good year for me, with releases from Dillinger Escape Plan AND Between The Buried And Me AND Streetlight Manifesto (who I thought would never release another album after 99 songs). To compliment this post I will also have a worst 10 albums of the year, and terrible music has also had a good year with releases from Beiber, Miley, Avril Lavigne, and Black Veil Brides. If you had a favorite album this year that you think it worthy, I’d love to listen to it, if not at least to understand why you like it.


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