Why It Sucks #5

As if in response, our music industry hero Justin Beiber releases a song that seems to be the counter to Miley’s Wrecking Ball. What I mean is the lyrics and theme of the song is exactly the same. Thank you Justin, for proving the ingenuity of the songs meaning as well as your own ingenuity. I had a few angry Miley fans who read my post and felt that I, not her, was full of crap. One said “the reason she shows her bare skin in the video is because she is truly baring herself to the world with the song and the video.” I guess Justin Beiber better show some skin when he releases the video for this song, so that he can really demonstrate to the world that this song is the embodiment of his persona.

No. They are both full of crap. These artists have nothing to be sad about and no justification for receiving sympathy from anyone.

I won’t go into detail the similarities this song has with Gone, by the one true boy band Nsync, because you listen to them in sequence you can hear that these two songs entire concept and style is exactly the same.

So big deal, everything’s been done before, but this song sucks on another level. Beibs has decided he wants his music to be more mature sounding, and so now favors a minimal Hip Hop back track like Usher and JT in their earlier albums. JT and Usher had excellent early albums though, because they have got some serious pipes.

Justin Beiber is a good singer. There I said it. Even when he was young his vocal range was absurd (due to his not quite matured body), and now he has grown into himself and his voice has that soft boyish tint that makes the girls go wild. Nothing I can say will take that away from him.

This song has no layers. This song is 2-3 drum tracks, electric guitar softly on the upbeats, and Justin Beiber. He uses some of his own voice as fills and harmonies sometimes, but it’s so sparse and the vocals aren’t interesting enough to draw attention away from the boring backtrack.

Nothing happens in this song. Take out the words, not the vocal melody just the words, and the song would be a flat line. There is no tension and release, the song doesn’t ever add or subtract layers at any point except a single hi-hat track on the up-beats in the chorus. What aggravates me the most is there are very few good cadences. His phrases don’t resolve, the last note in his phrases don’t make sense to me, and he does it almost every time, as if purposely avoiding correct music theory. When he does correctly put the root at the end of a phrase, it’s a short and un-emphasized note; you know, only the most important note in every phrase…

And that is why Heartbreaker by Justin Beiber SUCKS


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