Metal Monday #14

It’s almost frustrating to me, when groups demonstrate that they are capable of writing good music, but only seem to fully apply themselves on a small number of tracks. Reflections is an example of talented performers without the spark of creativity, but can use what they have heard before to put together pretty good songs.

This song starts off with lots of dissonant off-beat chords and double bass drum, then at 2:07 the guitars both turn off most of their filters and it becomes a calm acoustic feel. Especially when listening to this whole album, this relief comes well received because aside from this song it is pounding off-beat djent almost exclusively. The song would have been ok if after this section the song ended, it’s even what I was expecting to happen. At 4 the sound from before comes back in unison on the same progression, followed by an actual guitar solo. Then the song builds until the very end, reaching a point equally as heavy as the beginning was. Its essentially a big V shape in terms of the excitement level of the track over time. It has good horizontal movement as the song develops, and a definitive beginning middle and end. You would think this is common, but verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus doesn’t lend itself to have much shape. Looking back all the way to my song structure post, Mozart invented sonata form because it was an effective method of writing music that would almost always have a shape and forward movement. You start off with the exciting melody or theme you have come up with (exposition), then most of the song is the development, building back to the ending which is the recapitulation, playing the theme from the beginning again. It catches their attention, then builds their anticipation to a climax right as the song is about to end. That is essentially what this song does effectively and why I think it is a good song, despite the rest of the album. No, it’s not that it’s bad, but when you have heard as much music similar to this as I have, it doesn’t stand out from the rest of it. On the subject of Mozart, it is time for…


Some moments on that Reflections album (‘Ex(i)st’)could be considered for this section as well, but Acacia Strain has spoken.
At about 2:15 it becomes apparent to me that there going to be some sort of breakdown in the near future.

It’s at 2:38, if you weren’t sure. Points were deducted for having the hit on the word ‘clouds,’ which is not a br00tl word related to violence at all. Clouds are not br00tl, but that one note sure seems to be.


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