Metal Monday #13

It is weird when a bands self-titled album isn’t its first, usually a band does it when they have yet to release a self-titled and they are attempting to take a new direction.

This band has a very well defined cadence structure that to me, makes it sound more approachable to the un-trained ear. It does leave something to be desired with the overall song structure. At the bridge (3:08), the song has a really contrasting section to the rest of it, but it sort of cuts the momentum the song had going without rhythmically building it back up.

What stands out about this to me is the melodic fast moving guitar riffs. It’s not the fastest, or the most technical, but it is well defined and has forward movement with the rising and falling scales. They are the best melodic metalcore band I have heard this year.

I have noticed a trend happening I my recent metal Monday posts, being that they have focused on breakdowns, a lot, which is a polarizing characteristic when it comes to appeal. Some metalheads are pro-breakdown, some are very anti-breakdown. I understand both sides, breakdowns are often formulaic and uninspired, but they are so fun to mosh to at live shows and when done well are really exciting. Regardless of your opinions, I am pro-breakdown and so I am reserving a permanent spot on Metal Monday for – Breakdown Beatdown (see, its alliteration, just like the title.)

So, it’s time for this weeks’ BREAKDOWN BEATDOWN

1:58 for buildup


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