Why It Sucks #2

Korn used to be cool.

They came around in the early 90’s and were all “look we can be melodic, but also be heavy.” I was all like ‘OMG BEST BAND EVER” and proceeded to legally purchase every album up until See You On The Other Side.  At that point I discovered the internet and therefore never ever bought anymore albums, but boy did I like Korn. They were so dark and angry, just like me due to a large number of asshole children at my school. I was able to connect with Korn’s music back then because of my circumstances. Untouchables is still one of the most dark depressing albums I can think of, Johnathan Davis had some messed up feelings inside of him that he needed to let out, they all did.

Now they are old and successful and still trying to sound angsty.

Korn didn’t suddenly become bad, they degraded over time, just like their feeble human bodies. This song is so boring that by the second chorus I was already imagining writing this post. The boring part about it is that while following all the same song structure guidelines as everyone else, but they don’t use it to the few advantages it has. The reason the formula works is because the song changes chord progressions slightly in between part A and part B, or part B and part C, which has a sort of tension and release effect as the progression of B resolves into the natural progression of the key at C. This song is one progression the whole time. The only thing that changes is the adding and subtracting of instruments, and it is always the same set of instruments.Then that stupid part at 2:25 happens because they need a bridge, but realize that the bridge needs to actually change or it isn’t a bridge, so instead of coming up with something they put in a dubstep break with NO progression at all. the song isn’t even Two dimensional, its one dimensional.

That chord progression was most recently used in the song Paradise by Coldplay, but in a major key, so they didn’t even make the one idea they had in here.

Oh my goodness these lyrics…

so bad.

Every line is in its own depressing, self loathing context, they don’t even go together. The song is about never loving again, I think, because that’s what he says in the chorus, but I don’t really understand the correlation between any line in the song and any other line in the song. They are more concerned with rhyming the “eye” syllable at the end of every phrase than they are writing words that make sense.

I try to hide

things inside





something else-lie


and THAT is why Never Never by Korn SUCKS


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