Metal Monday #11

What fresh, and clean sounding deathcore.

-Things I thought I would never think.

It makes me sad when I discover bands like this one. They are ahead of their sub-genre’s current meta by at least a year, yet have found minimal success so far. The meta of deathcore is currently to tie in “progressive” elements, such as alternating meter or odd meter, extended guitar solos on the bottom of the neck of the guitar (thank god they are back), and a bit of symphonic sampling for epicness. The thematic or lyrical meta is and has been for a long time the ineffectiveness of the government and/or I hate Jesus. These don’t apply to every band, but those genre defining groups (Thy Art Is Murder, Oceano, etc) strive for this particular sound that has developed over the short time deathcore has existed into what it is today. And it will always be evolving and changing based on creative decisions of the artists who decide to play that style. Aversions Crown is ahead of this meta curve.

They incorporate all these things in their 2011 release “Servitude” as well as ideas that even I found refreshing. The tried-and-true method for breakdowns of call and answer between vocalist and instrumentals is so cohesive and coordinated that their isn’t so much empty *ride cymbal crash* going on (CHUG CHUG *suspended cymbal* ANGRY LYRICS *suspended cymbal* CHUG CHUG CHUG *suspended cymbal* ANGRY LYRICS *suspended cymbal* CHUG CHUG). I have heard breakdowns like this a hundred times, Aversions’ Crown uses this style the way I feel it is supposed to work. For call and answer to sound interesting the answering has to play off of the calling, using similar rhythm or notes. The caller fluidly hands off the spotlight to the answerer who hands it right back to the caller again.

Extended buildups are underrated. It has become the norm to simply drop all instrument lines except for suspended cymbal and then chug a dissonant chord at arbitrary times throughout the breakdown. Aversion’s Crown establishes the riff for what is coming up before hand and then builds up the tension-release to drop the riff with all backgrounds going at the same time. It makes the music move forward instead of hitting a wall and then running into it over and over again. Sometimes the veterans should take something from the new kids because they have new ideas.


At least the video is unique?

Apparently this band has existed for a year and I haven’t known about it. Let me point out first that they are only three people, vocalist, guitarist, and drummer. As individuals, they are all very talented at what they do and do not fail to demonstrate it the way they play. It almost seems as if this band is constantly showing off because of how skilled they are. The way the drummer goes back and forth between what can only be called double blast beats and more typical fills is so bizarre and the changes are so sudden. As was the case when I first discovered Rings of Saturn, I immediately assumed a tremendous amount of cheating was involved. Then I realized there is no way they are cheating, it’s so filthy. There seems to be very minimal quantizing if any on the guitar, probably as a creative choice to achieve this…sound they have. The vocalist creates sounds that cannot be classified as human. The drummer sounds like he is a robot at times, but I for one welcome our new model of robot drummers to the consumer market.

At this point you are probably a decent way into the song and have come to the conclusion that this could possibly be the worst music you have ever let enter your ears. It has a very off-putting sound. It goes out of its way to purposely sound awful. The harmonics are all bent and the rhythm just does whatever it wants sometimes. Groups like Cannlibal Corpse and Cattle Decapitation attempt to do the same thing, but while playing as fast as possible the whole time and avoiding forward movement. Some people dig that. Infant Annihilator doesn’t necessarily move forward always, but they move in every direction, and I am never quite sure what is going to happen next because they will have very fast a chugging + blast beats then suddenly change to a very slow vocals only style. The jarring tempo changes are what got me with this group. You can play with all sorts of weird prime-numbered meter and alternate all day; in the end metal doesn’t have very many tempo changes.

Infant Annihilator removes all musical conformities in its way to express how upset about the Catholic Church they are. By doing this they produce a truly angry, gut wrenching sound that might make you actually want to annihilate an infant. It’s weird to want to listen to something that channels your inner demons, but those of you who can embrace the pure rage contained in the sound of this album will understand: this is really something. I won’t say its good music by any means, but there isn’t enough metal out there quite like this right now and I want more of it.


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