Metal Monday #10

This one was a no brainer.

Of 50+ bands at Indianapolis Metalfest, most of which I did not know beforehand, this is the one which stuck the most over the weekend. They didn’t even play on Saturday, they played at a bar the Friday night before, which was technically part of the event, but had no paid entry.

Ever hear a band that is so good you are enraged by the fact you hadn’t heard them until that point? The writing is so eclectic, the transitions are so chaotix, and every single member is talented enough to carry their weight. When I saw them their singer was MIA, but even down a member they still sold me. This is exactly the type of music I listen to in my free time, thank you for existing FOTA.

Honorable mention:

So nobody every judges anybody by looking at them right? well I saw these guys climb up onto the tiny make-shift second stage that was set up in the hallway leading to the actual stage, and I almost laughed out loud. THIS BAND IS SO SCENE.

I didn’t exactly change my mind about that, but they at least caught my attention with their crisp playing and excellent stage presence. It follows the same songwriting formula that I hate and is used by everyone ever, their lyrics are sort of uninspired, but I just couldn’t help but enjoy myself. I won’t say they are good, I will probably forget about them by next week, but it was a good enough show to warrant some attention.

The Browning confirmed to me they are nothing more than breakdowns, which is OK when you want to mosh at a live show.
Affiance are totally awesome, although the vocalist carries them pretty hard.
Chimaira was Chimaira
I still don’t like 90’s death metal.

Overall, the event organizers did a good job running it, however I think it would have been a better economical decision to front load the show a little more as opposed to having 50+ bands and starting BEFORE NOON. It’s tour season and its hard to get good bands to come to the mid-west, especially Indy, but had they promised some bigger bands more stage time in exchange for less bands playing maybe they would have showed. Of course this is nothing against any of the groups that played, they all did a great job given the situation, but if you want to get people to go to a show you win them over with quality not quantity.


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