Metal Monday #9

Oh yes, another cliche deathcore album. I can’t wait to listen to it once and never listen to it again.

This album made me question exactly what it is that sucks about deathcore. This album has breakdowns galore and for the most part has one type of song on it.


Maybe it’s just because I recently saw this group live and have some bias going on in my subconscious, but there are legitimate feels in this album. THE FEELS. Deathcore lyrics are typically some of the most uninspired angry words in all metal, here each song has a distinct theme that I was able to identify by merely listening to it. These themes are in general about the current state of society, our endless wars (Hellbound), our obsession with processed food (Children of the Corn Syrup), the evil in human nature (Do You See Him), finally all culminating together in The Travelers, which explains that with all these subjects combined, we are all “Hellbound” because we make the society we live in into its own hell.

To go with these lyrics, the band incorporates the instrumentals to build and release with the lines of lyrics. As the vocalist reaches a main point in this song, it will almost always be followed immediately by a breakdown. The breakdowns once they hit avoid falling into repetitive rhythms on single notes, and instead usually transition very cleanly into the next part of the song.

Hellbound just came out last week. It isn’t the redefining album of deathcore, instead FFAA seems to have found their distinct character in a far to over-saturated genre. Its good to hear a band contribute to an old genre with new ideas. Hopefully there is a lot more to come.


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