Metal Monday (on a tuesday!) #8

What? It was a holiday….

I have scrolled  very deep into the endless abyss of the new Spotify Discover feature. You can keep scrolling forever and it will keep recommending you things, even based off of the things you just listened to as you were scrolling.

This leads to some very late nights.

somewhere down the line I ran into this. After listening to derivative breakdown bands to bands that don’t understand how to do dissonant chords, anything remotely good would have caught my ear. This was it, after listening to a few of their songs I finally felt like I had accomplished something so I closed my laptop and went to sleep.

I have figured out a way to describe what I like about a lot of the music I enjoy, it is all CLEAN. If you have ever been taught an instrument you may understand what I mean. When the whole band plays in unison, and nails their articulations, it sounds clean. If they play a more sludgy droning style where the notes are purposely placed slightly before or after the beat, it sounds sloppy. I am not saying that sloppy players are bad players necessarily, especially in metal. It is a style and a choice of the artist to play that way and appeal to that audience. That being said, I like it clean.
Other words that describe this song along with clean:
So I’ll end today with that vocabulary lesson. Now go listen to some more metal.


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