Metal Monday #7

All those clean vox! This can’t be metal Monday, surely there has been a mistake. I digress, as a stickler for classification this is mostly progressive rock. I promise to make it up to you later in the post.
So why do I like this, based on the fact that I just told you it isn’t really metal? What stands out to me the most about this band is its seamless transitions from section to section. Prog bands have a tendency of putting as many different sounding sections in a song, sometimes not repeating one at all. It makes for a more thought provoking listening experience if not an unpredictable one. What makes all these stick together and make sense is what happens in-between them. Every time the song ends a section it seems to land right on the beginning of the next one without any awkward key or rhythmic changes.
Another thing I like, which goes against what I would normally like, is how minimalist this group is. Sometimes metal/prog music overwhelms the listener with notes and it happens too fast for a human to be able to perceive everything that just happened in one listen. Like I said, normally that is what I like, but this group uses simple flowing phrases to effectively say more with less. It makes it much easier to listen to while still giving me the same satisfaction.

You know your metal band name is bad when Spotify automatically thinks you are the same thing as a wedding music collection. However despite the name this band brings level of diversity that was unexpected. Do you ever find yourself listening to a death metal album, only to halfway through realize that you are way past the first song and you didn’t even notice a change? It’s a detriment to the genre that is hard to get past for a lot of people. Almost every song on this album to me was distinct and has its own flavor. It is all death metal, but they have all kinds of grooves to get the heads banging.
In a startling upset, Cattle Decapitation was defeated by Selena Gomez in the “Best Video” category at the VMAs last night. “Forced Gender Reassignment” went down to “Come And Get It” with CD not even taking home a nomination! I will not stand for this travesty on the music industry, clearly it’s just a big beauty contest or the true work of art would have easily won.


2 thoughts on “Metal Monday #7

  1. I think a lot of MNEMIC’s smooth transitions in that song have to do with the way they layer the vocals. Guillaume telegraphs the modal change a couple of bars ahead, then hangs over a few beats into the next section, allowing the listener to prepare a bit and making the change easier to digest when it arrives. The entire band is clearly quite talented and well-rehearsed, but (perhaps because they occupy the auditory foreground) the vocals really seal the deal for me.

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