Metal Monday #4

Metal Monday is not always a serious day. Sometimes its time for some laughs. The synth gives it a goofy sound, the rhythm at :33 is super groovy, everything about the sound makes you want to smile. Now the lyrics. Ill just post them

Freeze frame aperture
Tells me of my singular
Virus to the world
We came for you and you alone
Projects seize to fear
Stories of faith melt with the day
I’ll imagine toxic shock
Therapy in my better dreams
But this place
Grows weary of the looks of me
A beautiful encounter
With the lotus tree
I can feel my thoughts
Wretched from me
Hung to bleed from
The new world marquee
A thrifty gamble
I’ll take advantage from here
Let the fools think
I hold nothing dear
I’ve only got this
My last relation to
This fucking rock
This lucid sphere
A weakness has held
Onto the last fabric
I tear at it madly in fit of
Fury forced earthward
A battle of closely held secrets
For a weakness opposed
Holds one to a blistered degree
I’ve been predisposed
Only in the bloodline
Is this terror exposed
A knife to the eye
Of modern day times
Exactly what you’ve worked for
A price for the pride
I can feel the distance coming
The holes in my lungs
Won’t let me take this anymore
Only in the bloodline
Is this terror exposed
A knife to the eye
Of modern day times
Exactly what you’ve worked for

While at times the riffs are almost light hearted, the lyrics never stop being full serious the whole time. It makes what he is saying during these parts sound sarcastic, maybe joking even. They are definitely a cool group who aren’t above having a good laugh in their music.

This one probably surprises you, but like last week the second half of Metal Monday will talk about things that are NOT metal.

The reason this now non-existent band even comes up is because of a conversation I recently had with a co-worker. He was talking about metal bands he used to like when he was in high school. His favorite band was Underoath. Now…. what year is it, 2004. What other bands does the world have to offer?
Back when I was in high school this is where I was at. This album also came out in 2004. I wouldn’t consider either of them heavy really knowing what I do now, but definitely metal. so lets look for something else from 2004.
now we have gotten back to something I would listen to today. Im hoping for you non-metal heads this is helping you understand the different tiers of metal in terms of heaviness. Underoath is not a heavy metal band. Fans of this band enjoyed the aspects of the music that were not metal. The chords are great, they write good melodies, and pick strong chord progressions. These are not reasons you enjoy a metal song. Underoath is definitely the best screamo band that came out of the 2000’s, I liked that album and enjoyed listening to it today as me and my co-worker were both having music nostalgia. UPAGAINSTTHEWALL UPAGAINSTTHEWALLLLLLLLLL


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