Metal Monday #3

A tech death band rarely ventures outside the realm of blast beats and high tempo. This is a group I got a bad first impression of and for that Wretched, I am sorry.

This was the first song I heard by them about a year ago. While definitely competing with the power horses in tech death (The Faceless, Fleshgod Apacalypse etc) it didn’t stand out to me. I guess when you have a giant play list of songs you haven’t heard yet and you put it on shuffle, things sort of blend together. It takes a lot to stand out in that situation, and the first example stood out to me when I was perusing Spotify’s never-ending discover page. It wasn’t near the top either. These guys have got it all, musicianship, killer lyrics, and brutal breakdowns.

For the rest of Metal Monday, we will be looking at things that are NOT metal.

It is important to know the difference between metal, and heavy rock, or as I call it, alternative. Sometimes “metal” bands make not “metal” songs. What might have been heavy metal in the 80’s is classic rock, you can’t just do kick snare and play some dissonant chords.


Is Avenged Sevenfold even a metal band at all? Not anymore they aren’t. They definitely used to be. In my opinion they helped form the screamo genre back in the 90’s on Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

but even back then they were somewhere in between. From the beginning they have mixed clean and screamo vocals.

Many fans of this band argue that they are still the same band. If this is what you think, listen to the new song, then listen to the second song. Do it a few more times if you have to. As for me, I was a fun through city of evil. They have had certain hits here and there that I liked, and I’m really glad a band like this can survive this long. As far as mainstream music goes (sigh here he goes with the mainstream music crap) they are almost as heavy as it gets, but don’t you ever just wish there was something heavier out there to listen to? There is this band Wretched I’ve heard of, they are pretty good I hear.


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