Techno Tuesday #2

Today I start with a short demo of exactly what every song on earth sounds like. It is supposed to be a joke (you can tell from the title) but the people laughing at it are the ones who are guilty. Its true, there is a formula for electronic music, there is no denying that. The point this guy is trying to make is that rhythms, samples, and the drops are converging beyond formula. Its become a contest of who can make a more bland and obvious dance track that every DJ will play at Ultra.


There are infinite possibilities in electronic music. Literally. When the ability exists to make your own sound, your own rhythm, your own filter, why does everybody use the same one? This isn’t the 80’s anymore, there is more than one drum pack, more than one synth. Lets see some creativity.

case and point

Right I forgot about quarter note triplets and that trance synth. Here you go.




This song, I like. Its so simple. Take a great vocal track, add in pads and piano, develop theme on the chord progression. Just like last week.

What I like about this is the synth. It still has all those other cliché synths that every song has, but the melody is a very well created sound. It focuses on the upper frequency which makes it sound thick and gives it a unique sound, if there is such a thing in techno. A State Of Trance delivers again.


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