Metal Monday #2

This week features a band from Russia called Dysphoria. This band sort of encompasses the genre called “technical death metal,” getting its name from being the same to death metal except the subdivision is into shorter notes and of course it is from the 2010’s not the late 80’s. What these guys bring to the table is their use of the bottom of the neck of the guitar a lot (1:19 for example) for fills and even melodic lines. They also have an obsession with alternating time signatures (which basically means an odd number greater than 3 beats per measure split into smaller mini measures within each bar.)

1:50 for breakdown in alternating time

2:39 for some Dillinger-esq breaks

You know from other posts I love chaos and discord in my music and this has lots of both.

This is something more approachable to fans of any genre. Its a but lengthy at 9:05, but every bit of it is worthwhile, my only complaint be the introduction might overstay its welcome a little, especially at 2:00.
2:25 we here the first theme, 3 notes sustained V VI I in a minor mode. This comes back again at 3:29 with repeating notes and is the general progression for the entire song.

Finally at 4:44 they let their secret out of the bag. Their lead guitarist is really good. He will be back later…

5:15, rhythmic variations on the theme from the beginning.

5:52, hes back. This time he lets loose for real. The song is very near climax and you can tell as Carlos plays with increasing intensity until 6:39.

Then its super emotional time.

7:19 for the epic release you have been waiting for

7:46 how else would you end it than with a piano playing the progression out slowly. The part at 8:10 onwards is a completely unrelated (musically) outro that swells while the piano sweeps up and down until one last very slow rise all the way to the top note on the piano.

Not a single word was said and yet now I somehow feel so good after listening to that. This band is not all instrumental, they have vocals on most of their tracks. They also have a TON of music on this album, more than an hour, and this is just in the middle of it all. If you liked it I bet you will like more.


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