Metal Monday #1

This begins a tradition of (hopefully) weekly shorter posts where all I do is talk about what I have found in the last week that I like. Thus begins METAL MONDAY

Usually what draws me to bands like this isn’t the vocals its the instruments. But…

dat hair…


As I worked my way through this album I was to discover more goodness. Not featured in this song but on many of the tracks are extended jazz portions with a full jazz combo playing.

(ex )

What this amounts to is a lot of really obscure scales and time signatures and a big blob of everything you think you wouldn’t hear



interested yet?

Aside from all of the musical cheese, what I really love about this group is the scales. They will play some smooth jazz bit and then carry on right into metal instrumentation without changing the key to drop C or drop anything. They go fluidly through Mixolydian, Ionian, Aeolian and Dorian scales which is not something you would hear in the context of metal normally. Many metal bands default to diminished minor chords for breakdowns and… well…more breakdowns. You can hear a breakdown at 1:17 of this example,so they aren’t above putting some head banging action into it. I have found that no matter how pretentious I become, there is nothing like a good breakdown.

Which brings me to this.

(sorry for unofficial vid. Not my fault)

at :30

many innocent brain cells were murdered by this breakdown. Sorry boys, keep fighting the good fight.

At first glance I thought this was another terrible death-core band from the 00’s that never became anything. To be honest the mixing on this track (this really isn’t that bad of a version) is very non-existent. I’m very easily turned off by poor mixing, but in this case it doesn’t matter because of how incredibly synchronized their brutality is. They play a riff in the beginning which later returns when he repeats the line “the future is now.” It’s hard to decide which of those two drops is better, even though they are exactly the same. It’s the same kind of effect that the song “When I Lost My Bet” used. My short term memory kicks in and I think “Oh I didn’t get to appreciate this the first time because I wasn’t ready, I’m so glad they are playing it again.” It is a very common and effective method that has been around since the 17th century

What form is this called?


Tomorrow will be the start of another weekly (hopefully) series of posts. TECHNO TUESDAY


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