Metal Monday #4

Metal Monday is not always a serious day. Sometimes its time for some laughs. The synth gives it a goofy sound, the rhythm at :33 is super groovy, everything about the sound makes you want to smile. Now the lyrics. Ill just post them

Freeze frame aperture
Tells me of my singular
Virus to the world
We came for you and you alone
Projects seize to fear
Stories of faith melt with the day
I’ll imagine toxic shock
Therapy in my better dreams
But this place
Grows weary of the looks of me
A beautiful encounter
With the lotus tree
I can feel my thoughts
Wretched from me
Hung to bleed from
The new world marquee
A thrifty gamble
I’ll take advantage from here
Let the fools think
I hold nothing dear
I’ve only got this
My last relation to
This fucking rock
This lucid sphere
A weakness has held
Onto the last fabric
I tear at it madly in fit of
Fury forced earthward
A battle of closely held secrets
For a weakness opposed
Holds one to a blistered degree
I’ve been predisposed
Only in the bloodline
Is this terror exposed
A knife to the eye
Of modern day times
Exactly what you’ve worked for
A price for the pride
I can feel the distance coming
The holes in my lungs
Won’t let me take this anymore
Only in the bloodline
Is this terror exposed
A knife to the eye
Of modern day times
Exactly what you’ve worked for

While at times the riffs are almost light hearted, the lyrics never stop being full serious the whole time. It makes what he is saying during these parts sound sarcastic, maybe joking even. They are definitely a cool group who aren’t above having a good laugh in their music.

This one probably surprises you, but like last week the second half of Metal Monday will talk about things that are NOT metal.

The reason this now non-existent band even comes up is because of a conversation I recently had with a co-worker. He was talking about metal bands he used to like when he was in high school. His favorite band was Underoath. Now…. what year is it, 2004. What other bands does the world have to offer?
Back when I was in high school this is where I was at. This album also came out in 2004. I wouldn’t consider either of them heavy really knowing what I do now, but definitely metal. so lets look for something else from 2004.
now we have gotten back to something I would listen to today. Im hoping for you non-metal heads this is helping you understand the different tiers of metal in terms of heaviness. Underoath is not a heavy metal band. Fans of this band enjoyed the aspects of the music that were not metal. The chords are great, they write good melodies, and pick strong chord progressions. These are not reasons you enjoy a metal song. Underoath is definitely the best screamo band that came out of the 2000’s, I liked that album and enjoyed listening to it today as me and my co-worker were both having music nostalgia. UPAGAINSTTHEWALL UPAGAINSTTHEWALLLLLLLLLL


Metal Monday #3

A tech death band rarely ventures outside the realm of blast beats and high tempo. This is a group I got a bad first impression of and for that Wretched, I am sorry.

This was the first song I heard by them about a year ago. While definitely competing with the power horses in tech death (The Faceless, Fleshgod Apacalypse etc) it didn’t stand out to me. I guess when you have a giant play list of songs you haven’t heard yet and you put it on shuffle, things sort of blend together. It takes a lot to stand out in that situation, and the first example stood out to me when I was perusing Spotify’s never-ending discover page. It wasn’t near the top either. These guys have got it all, musicianship, killer lyrics, and brutal breakdowns.

For the rest of Metal Monday, we will be looking at things that are NOT metal.

It is important to know the difference between metal, and heavy rock, or as I call it, alternative. Sometimes “metal” bands make not “metal” songs. What might have been heavy metal in the 80’s is classic rock, you can’t just do kick snare and play some dissonant chords.


Is Avenged Sevenfold even a metal band at all? Not anymore they aren’t. They definitely used to be. In my opinion they helped form the screamo genre back in the 90’s on Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

but even back then they were somewhere in between. From the beginning they have mixed clean and screamo vocals.

Many fans of this band argue that they are still the same band. If this is what you think, listen to the new song, then listen to the second song. Do it a few more times if you have to. As for me, I was a fun through city of evil. They have had certain hits here and there that I liked, and I’m really glad a band like this can survive this long. As far as mainstream music goes (sigh here he goes with the mainstream music crap) they are almost as heavy as it gets, but don’t you ever just wish there was something heavier out there to listen to? There is this band Wretched I’ve heard of, they are pretty good I hear.

Techno Tuesday #2

Today I start with a short demo of exactly what every song on earth sounds like. It is supposed to be a joke (you can tell from the title) but the people laughing at it are the ones who are guilty. Its true, there is a formula for electronic music, there is no denying that. The point this guy is trying to make is that rhythms, samples, and the drops are converging beyond formula. Its become a contest of who can make a more bland and obvious dance track that every DJ will play at Ultra.


There are infinite possibilities in electronic music. Literally. When the ability exists to make your own sound, your own rhythm, your own filter, why does everybody use the same one? This isn’t the 80’s anymore, there is more than one drum pack, more than one synth. Lets see some creativity.

case and point

Right I forgot about quarter note triplets and that trance synth. Here you go.




This song, I like. Its so simple. Take a great vocal track, add in pads and piano, develop theme on the chord progression. Just like last week.

What I like about this is the synth. It still has all those other cliché synths that every song has, but the melody is a very well created sound. It focuses on the upper frequency which makes it sound thick and gives it a unique sound, if there is such a thing in techno. A State Of Trance delivers again.

Metal Monday #2

This week features a band from Russia called Dysphoria. This band sort of encompasses the genre called “technical death metal,” getting its name from being the same to death metal except the subdivision is into shorter notes and of course it is from the 2010’s not the late 80’s. What these guys bring to the table is their use of the bottom of the neck of the guitar a lot (1:19 for example) for fills and even melodic lines. They also have an obsession with alternating time signatures (which basically means an odd number greater than 3 beats per measure split into smaller mini measures within each bar.)

1:50 for breakdown in alternating time

2:39 for some Dillinger-esq breaks

You know from other posts I love chaos and discord in my music and this has lots of both.

This is something more approachable to fans of any genre. Its a but lengthy at 9:05, but every bit of it is worthwhile, my only complaint be the introduction might overstay its welcome a little, especially at 2:00.
2:25 we here the first theme, 3 notes sustained V VI I in a minor mode. This comes back again at 3:29 with repeating notes and is the general progression for the entire song.

Finally at 4:44 they let their secret out of the bag. Their lead guitarist is really good. He will be back later…

5:15, rhythmic variations on the theme from the beginning.

5:52, hes back. This time he lets loose for real. The song is very near climax and you can tell as Carlos plays with increasing intensity until 6:39.

Then its super emotional time.

7:19 for the epic release you have been waiting for

7:46 how else would you end it than with a piano playing the progression out slowly. The part at 8:10 onwards is a completely unrelated (musically) outro that swells while the piano sweeps up and down until one last very slow rise all the way to the top note on the piano.

Not a single word was said and yet now I somehow feel so good after listening to that. This band is not all instrumental, they have vocals on most of their tracks. They also have a TON of music on this album, more than an hour, and this is just in the middle of it all. If you liked it I bet you will like more.

Techno Tuesday #1


How can a guy like me even like techno? Its all the same structure over and over again and they all remix each others stuff. Sounds boring indeed, but what synthesizer and digital audio workstations have done for music can be shown at its finest in the great electronic tracks.

What you can with with electronic music that you can’t do with anything else is control every single individual frequency and engineer whatever sound you want with virtual instruments and synthesizers. This leads to some very intense tension and release and drops that you can see coming from a mile away – and still blow your mind.

The thing I like about this track is the sample that the song was designed around (2:41). Here he lets the sample play unfiltered and un-quantized so you can hear the original beauty in her voice. All he does is add in a pad to make the chord progression more obvious to the listener. He then creates his own theme, using that same chord progression from the female vocal line(3:39). This is what makes a remix good. Instead of stealing the idea and using the same melodic line, he uses the chords as inspiration than makes his own melody. This part also showcases the incredibly dense harmonics that can go into electronic music. The rhythm repeats notes, but the harmonizing notes move around on different octaves, but always filling the entire chord. It holds to all the normal rules of electronica in terms of form and rhythm, but its these subtlety that make a difference to me.

warning, this one REALLY takes its time. You won’t miss much if you skip to 2:50. Its just intro stuff for mixing purposes.

The first time I heard it, I did not see it coming. In fact I almost entirely forgot I was listening to a trance song for a while. This chord progression is VI VII I, one of the best (worst) chord progressions for ANY kind of music. The reason this progression is so “epic” sounding is because of the leading tone. The leading tone is what makes a song sound like its going somewhere, its the seventh note in the scale, and when you form a chord on the leading tone it is diminished. This makes it sound dissonant, it is not a resolved chord and our ear knows it. It makes your brain really anticipate the Tonic, or the root of the scale. I’ve heard it a hundred times, and this time was well worth it. The use of the orchestral samples just add to it, on top of the already potent ability to create tension and release. It’s one of those drops that’s worth it the whole time.